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Struggling to Lose Weight?? Have you Tried Intermittent Fasting or Keto Diets without Success?

If you Are Struggling with Low Energy, Fatigue, and Excessive Body Weight You May Be Suffering from Metabolic Insufficiencies in Which Medically Assisted Weight Loss Can Help You Lose Weight both Improving Your Appearance but Also Improving your Metabolic Profile.

The Experts at Vive Concierge Health are the only Mobile Weight Loss Doctors in Miami that Eliminate the Need for visits to Weight loss Centers which is Embarrassing and Inconvenient.

Vive Concierge Health will Work with you in Person or Virtually at your

  • Home
  • Office
  • Zoom Call
  • Text

to evaluate and recommend a proper weight loss treatment around your busy schedule.

Our Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Approach will first include.

  • A complete and robust health evaluation
  • Based on findings customize a weight loss plan using the latest Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs
  • Consultation with a Nutritionist to modify in small increments food intake as needed.
  • One on one Training sessions with a Trainer
  • Provide Daily Supplements to Assist with food Cravings

No other Weight Loss Clinic in South Florida offers at Home Medically Assisted Weight Loss with full services to include nutrition and personal training.

Let our Health Care Providers evaluate your

  • Basal Metabolic rate ( How Many Calories You Burn at Rest)
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Medical and Family History
  • Injuries
  • Lifestyle and Diet

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